Friendship Gets Strengthened For Bani And Gaurav On Bigg Boss 10!
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  • December 28, 2016
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We know how strong Bani and Gaurav are going as friends in the Bigg Boss House. Getting to know each other better, giving shoulder or having the heartiest laughs are a few things that any and every friendship goes through, isn't it?


PIC 06



Something very similar is going to happen in the episode tonight of Bigg Boss 10! Besties in the house – Gaurav and Bani, will be seen finding a quite space to just relax and spend time with each other. There will be cute moments wherein the duo will be seen teasing each other and giggling at times just as children! This will clearly give you an idea how they are actually working together to deepen their bond as friends!


PIC 05


Now this is called the 'Real Dosti'! Yes or no?


PIC 12


Tune in tonight to watch Bigg Boss 10 at 10:30 PM!

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