Ganga leaves badi haveli #Balika Vadhu 29th July to 3rd August
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Last week we saw how Ratan Singh created havoc in Badi Haveli. In this week, Ganga leaves badi haveli with Mannu. Jagya is shocked when he gets the letter written by Ganga. Jagya questions Dadisa and Sumitra and asks why they let Ganga take this decision. Jagya gets very angry and leaves the haveli in search of Ganga. At kesar bagh, Sanchi instigates Ira and Meenu bua against Ganga and she tells them that Ganga should leave badi haveli. Ira agrees to Sanchi and tells her that she will talk to the people at badi haveli.

Anandi reaches badi haveli. She is saddened to see everyone hurt and injured after Ratan Singh’s attack. She comes to know that Ganga has left the haveli and even more shocked and angry that no one stopped her. Sumitra tries to explain but Anandi doesn’t listen to anyone. She asks everyone that how they could let go of Ganga who was ready to give her own child to Ratan Singh to save everyone’s life. 

An angry Anandi leaves badi haveli. Jagya comes out and talks to Anandi and Shiv and asks them to come to the hospital with him. Sumitra is very sad about Anandi’s behavior and she is hurt that Anandi spoke to her so rudely. Dadisa tries to explain and justifies Anandi’s behavior by saying that she said all that out of anger and nothing else. 

Meanwhile, Jagya takes Anandi and Shiv to the hospital staff quarters. Anandi is surprised to see Ganga there. Anandi questions Ganga about her decision to leave the badi haveli. Ganga breaks down and tells Anandi that she didn’t want to be the cause of any problems between Jagya and his family anymore. Anandi suggests that Ganga should go back to badi haveli but Jagya doesn’t agree to it and they have an argument over this. Instead Jagya says that Ganga is his personal responsibility and that he will make sure Ganga finishes her nursing course successfully and be independent. Finally, Anandi agrees to Jagya’s plan and apologizes to Jagya. She also appreciates Jagya’s efforts to do so much for Ganga. 

Anandi and Shiv leave for Kesar bagh. Before that Shiv takes her for dinner to cheer her up as she is stressed and upset about the whole issue. Anandi and Shiv talk about Ganga and her courage and how she wants to become independent and how she is doing all this for Mannu.

Meanwhile Mahie and Ashima come to NGO for which Ashima is working. Mahie is impressed with Ashima for her work. Ashima and Mahie spend the whole day together. Ashima shows him the whole NGO and the exhibition and the different things which they have. Post this they go to Ashima’s room as it starts raining heavily. Mahie slips on the wet floor and hurts his shoulder. Ashima treats his injury and while doing this they come very close to each other and they have a romantic moment between them. Ashima is angry and upset about whatever happened between them and she asks to leave Mahie.

Jagya is asked to attend to an emergency in a nearby village. He leaves with the staff of the hospital. Gehna starts getting labor pain. Basant tries calling Jagya but he is not able to get through his phone. Gehna is brought to the hospital. Gehna and Basant see Ganga at the hospital and are shocked to see her there. Jagya calls up Ganga and tells her to handle the delivery as he is stuck in heavy rains. Basant is apprehensive but Jagya convinces him that he should trust Ganga and that Ganga will make sure Gehna and her baby is safe and fine. Ganga delivers Gehna’s baby safely and successfully. 


Will Ganga return to Badi Haveli, will Basant tell everyone about Ganga, keep watching this space for more updates. 

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