Garba night in the Bigg Boss house# Day 17, Synopsis
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Like an ironic joke, the housemates wake up to the song ‘Ghanan Ghanan’ from Lagaan, an early morning reminder by Bigg Boss about the punishment. With the lack of water being the topic of discussion in the house, Delnaaz, Vrajesh, Aashka and Karishma are seen in the washroom begging Bigg Boss to restart the water supply as it is a big day of Navratri only to realize that tomorrow is Dusshera. He then asks Bigg Boss to keep the cut going today only to start it tomorrow. In the meanwhile, Urvashi and Sidhu are in the kitchen wherein Sidhu says that he wants to have a word with bade bhai (Bigg Boss) about the water cut.

With no water except the one from the handpump, the housemates are left with no option but to use that for bathing purposes. Urvashi, Delnaaz, Sana and Aashka wash their hair at the handpump, with one pumping the tubewell while the other washes her hair. Taking this a step forward, Vrajesh even has a bath at the handpump with Niketan helping him with the water (Click to watch). Moving on from the water woes, Delnaaz is seen talking to Sidhu on her relationship with Rajev. She explains to him that if she tells her and Rajev’s story of 14 years, they will not have any water shortage (get a sneak peek). She however does not want to make their relationship a national issue and has hence maintained her silence.  

At the same time, Urvashi is assigned a task by Bigg Boss to speak with all the housemates in confidence and get their opinions on who should be the next captain of the house. When she is speaking to Sampat on this, the leader of the Gulabi gang gets emotional as she realizes that Urvashi might get evicted next week. While hugging her, she tells Urvashi that she considers her as her daughter and that if Urvashi is evicted, she also wants to leave next week. She is seen speaking to Sapna on this as well. 

While the housemates are relaxing in the garden area, Bigg Boss makes an announcement to the restoration of the water supply. This announcement is met with cheers and hoots by the housemates who are more than relieved to have free flowing water supply again.

As the evening approaches, Bigg Boss gives the housemates their most requested wish – a chance to play garba (Click to get a glimpse of the celebration)! With all the gujarati’s in the house celebrating the announcement, everyone is given sometime to get ready after which they have to assemble in the garden area for the aarti and garba. Here, they have to first send their wishes for their family members and fans by speaking to camera and then start with the celebrations. During this, there is an altercation between Rajev and Aashka, which leads to Rajev playing the spoilsport and not participating in the garba celebrations. Later, Aashka is seen speaking with Sana, calling Rajev a girl as he is crying about his problem with her to everyone in the house. This affects Aashka and she is seen crying in the kitchen area where Vrajesh is consoling her. However, just before lights out, Aashka approaches Rajev and both of them solve their problems and patch up and on this note Day 17 in the Bigg Boss house comes to an end.

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