Geeta in grave danger on ‘Devanshi’
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  • February 9, 2017
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Devanshi has been trying to uncover Soundarya’s true identity and expose her for who she really is. Kusum Sundari was busy covering all her tracks that threaten to reveal that she actually is Soundarya Chatterjee and that she was trying to frame Geeta for everything.


Devanshi got suspicious after coming across bills which Kusum Sundari had been trying to burn, to destroy all the evidence against her. Geeta figured out that Soundarya is Kusum Sundari and tried to warn Devanshi but was stopped by Kusum Sundari who tried to end her life. Devanshi confronted Kusum Sundari by calling her Soundarya to confirm her suspicion. Kusum said that she is indeed Soundarya as Nutan and Devanshi looked on in shock.


Devanshi is getting close to uncovering the truth but will her attempts be continually thwarted by Kusum Sundari who is always one step ahead of her? People have been placing blind faith in Kusum Sundari who has been masquerading as a godwoman to use their beliefs to further her own gains. Will Devanshi expose Kusum Sundari for who she really is?

To find out who will come on top in this ultimate battle of good vs evil, tune in to Colors Mon-Sun at 7PM

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