‘Gujrati Mahila Mandal’ is back!
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  • December 12, 2012
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This is nothing less than waking up from a dream! After spending almost 65 days in the house, from being inseparable from each other to being intolerant about each-other, the Gujrati Mahila Mandal is Back again!

We saw how the trio was stuck to each other until the ‘Rajneeti task’ came in and literally tore the house into two major groups. Ever since, it has almost been like Delnaaz vs Urvashi in the house. There have been numerable fights, arguments and brawls that have gone beyond being personal. The friends turned foes over time and nothing seemed to be good enough for a makeup. Aashka Goradia thought otherwise and made sure that she would somehow break the ice and patch the rivals once again. And, tonight, you will get to see, how the ‘Gujarati Mahila Mandal’ reunite.

Delnaaz, Urvashi and Aashka were sitting in the sun bed besides the pool. Aashka asks Urvashi and Delnaaz if they are okay to call it truce and forget the unpleasant past. Surprisingly, both of them nodded and agreed to let go of their differences, forgive each other and move on. Delnaaz and Urvashi hugged and patched up. Niketan was passing by and he couldn’t help but to confirm if the ‘Gujarati Mahila Mandal’ is back! After the makeup the trio start discussing as to who has lost more weight between Urvashi and Delnaaz. Well, does time heal everything? Or is this is just a trick to keep themselves safe in the final stages of the Bigg Boss season?

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