Gurbani is now Bani-Ishq Da Kalma!
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  • March 18, 2013
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COLORS has tremendous respect for all communities including the Sikh community and we would never do anything to hurt or disrespect the sentiments or religious feelings of any community.  In fact the producer of the show is a Sikh herself and even has a niece named Gurbani. Being from the Sikh community she has tremendous respect for her own religion. Gurbani, the name of the lead protagonist symbolizes everything that is pure, cultural and spiritual about Punjab. Our protagonist is a girl who lives for everyone but herself. She is pure, kind hearted and God fearing. She is, in fact, the kind of girl who will be an inspiration to all. It is through her that we showcase purity, sacrifice and love, love for family and mankind.

The primary reason for naming her ‘Gurbani’  is because she is the kind of person who will make every Punjabi proud. Whatever life’s throws at her, she tackles that with humility, positivity and dignity. As the story progresses she takes on every situation that comes in her life and the lives of people around her and brings happiness to everyone in her life.

This is a show about real people with real values and emotions. Every character is inspiring and positive, including the mother with the NRI dream, her stance is also justified. We only highlight that her way to achieve her dream for her daughter may not be right. Overall this show is about Punjab that depicts the state as a place where everyone would want to stay, depicts the kind of people that everyone would inspire to be and depicts a community that exemplifies, love, humanity and values.    

Over the last month, our team has travelled extensively for promotional activities in Amritsar and Delhi with the cast and crew of Gurbani. No one has raised any objections to the show name. Infact we held press conferences in both the cities and the media including the Punjabi press reacted very positively to the show, which can be seen in the positive coverage the show has received.

The show promotions also have been on air for almost a month and till a few days back nobody raised any objections. With utmost respect and humility we request the complainants to view Gurbani as merely a name and in context of a fiction show that endeavors to bring a social issue to the fore. However to respect the sentiments of the people, we have decided to change the name of the show to Bani-Ishq Da Kalma. The rest of the aspects of the show, like the concept, the talented actors and the fresh storyline remains the same. And we hope that the viewers will warmly accept Bani into their lives.


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