Guru’s father to help Mohan-Megha’s love story!
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  • August 18, 2012
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By now all of you must know that Megha and Mohan, along with the two kids, are off for their honeymoon to Nepal. We're sure that the quartet from Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuchh Kaha will have a great time in the small yet beautiful country and end up being closer as a family. But did you know that they are going to encounter someone really special during this trip?

We'll give you a hint. Remember how Guru always used to narrate his parents' love story whenever Mohan was in a dilemma about Megha? Well, it is related to that. Mohan and Megha will finally get to meet Guru's father, about whom Mohan has only heard all these days. The newly wed couple will encounter Guru's father during their honeymoon and it will turn out to be quite an interesting meeting!

Guru's father will be a jovial, witty person and will regale Mohan and Megha with his stories. Not just that, he will also give some marital advice to the much-in-love couple. 

We think they are in good hands, considering the fact that Guru's father has been happily married for quite a few years. So not only will Mohan and Megha get closer to each other, they will also return from the honeymoon wiser, courtesy, Guru's father.

Here's wishing Mohan and Megha a great honeymoon, and a great rendezvous with Guru's father, the man who unknowingly helped them get their happy ending.

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