Happily, ever after!
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For all the #AdiYa fans, this week on Bepannaah is going to bring you is much happiness as Zoya has finally confessed her love to Aditya and is even ready to marry him. But how does this happen? We’ll tell you! Aditya is seen holding Zoya’s hand just before her nikah and simultaneously, we see flashes of them remembering the time they’ve spent together. On seeing this, Waseem gets very angry and asks Aditya to leave immediately. When the qazi commences the wedding nuptials, Zoya is seen breaking down. Looking at Zoya, Arshad calls and stops Aditya in anger! Arshad tells everyone that both love each other a lot and everyone realized it a little late. Zoya as well admits that she is in love with Aditya and wants to marry him.









When everyone leaves from the venue, Waseem bursts into anger and asks Zoya and Aditya to leave the house. Zoya feels bad about this but Aditya consoles her. Noor and Roshnaq are worried about Zoya and life in the Hooda house where Anjana hates her so much. Arjun gives them a hope and says everything will be alright. What happens when Aditya takes Zoya to the Hooda house? Find out more on Bepannaah this week! Tune in at 10:30 pm from Monday to Friday!





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