Here’s the most dramatic task on Bigg Boss # Day 15, Synopsis
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The housemates rise and shine to the electrifying track –‘Muquabala’ and a few of them are seen grooving to the song with some pulsating energy. After this lively wake up, Vrajesh is seen talking to Aashka & Delnaaz about his towel! He expresses his anger against Niketan as he had taken ‘the captain’s’ black towel without Vrajesh’s permission. Karishma & Sana are seen discussing about Sayantani’s performance during the face off. They feel bad for her loss as they did like her performance and dedication & expressions.

After a while, Vrajesh and Aashka are seen in the kitchen talking about missing home during the ‘Navratra’ period. Almost like their wish has come true, Bigg Boss sends some brand new clothes for all the housemates which has come via their respective families/friends. The housemates jump with joy and celebrate by singing, dancing and sharing their happiness with one & another. Urvashi gets a little more emotional than the others and breaks down while expressing her love & affection for her family members via a monologue. 

On the other hand, Sayantani is seen getting upset for different reasons as she feels it is her turn to be evicted from the house next week and she literally begs Vrajesh for some sympathy & motivation. She is then seen praying along with Delnaaz in their room. The eccentric artist, Sapna Bhavnani makes heads turn in the house as she transforms herself from her trademark ‘all black’ attire to a girly floral dress (Sayantani’s). She walks into the kitchen and is floored with compliments by Sidhu, Rajev & the rest of the housemates. After a while, Delnaaz & Aseem are seen having their flirtatious dance, with Delnaaz’s singing in the garden area – a pure entertainer for the rest of the housemates. 

Bigg Boss announces the launch of the task – ‘Badshah aur Ghulam’. The housemates are divided as masters & slaves who have to follow certain set of rules. The housemates are given new attire for the task as well. Everyone is seen enjoying the task to the fullest as they sit in the garden area and all the ‘Badshahs & Begums’ assign funny & demeaning tasks to their ‘Ghulams’. Vrajesh being a pure entertainer impresses his ‘Begums’ with his liveliness and seamless energy. Sayantani performs her duties properly but towards the end of the night, she breaks down in front of all thinking about how much she would miss all this if she gets evicted. The housemates console her and cheer her up. Eventually she bids goodnight to her masters and the light go off leaving the tired housemates some time to sleep.


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