Here’s what you need to know about Jhansi Ki Rani!
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Fondly known as Manu, this woman is someone who singlehandedly led the war to free Jhansi. She’s termed as the epitome of bravery and never hesitated to put her foot forward towards serving Jhansi. Her upbringing in Varanasi shaped her views about the world and moulded her into a strong leader who could challenge mindsets, solve internal conflicts and be the fearless person she was!


On the show Khoob Ladi Mardaani: Jhansi Ki Rani, we’re bringing to light her entire journey that’s so inspiring and relentless. Manikarnika a.k.a Jhansi Ki Rani was someone who stood for so many things in her time.

#1 Known as the only man amongst the rebels, Jhansi Ki Rani became the icon of woman empowerment!

#2 With her significant contribution in the war, she emerged as one of India’s most powerful personalities and an ultimate leader.

#3 Till today, she is known as a woman of substance. She was confident, opinionated and determined from the start. 

#4 This brave-hearted young girl was educated like a boy and was given training in archery, fencing and horse riding.

#5 With so many highs and lows that were a constant in her life, this queen never lost courage and always strove for her kingdom!

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