House rules ignored: Tensions escalate in ‘BIGG BOSS’ as Isha, Arun, and Abhishek clash
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The dynamics of friendships are flipping at lightning speed on ‘BIGG BOSS’. In this episode, Abhishek Kumar asks Anurag Dobhal if he noticed that Mannara Chopra ignored him and went on to chat with Munawar Faruqui. This observation doesn’t go down well with Mannara, who gets in a verbal spat with Abhishek. A furious Abhishek asks Mannara’s best friend in the house, Munawar to talk some sense into her. In his aggression, Abhishek touches Munawar’s hand and that’s enough to rile the latter up. That’s when an enraged Mannara warns Abhishek to not mess with her friends in the house and a screaming match between the two ensues. Will Munawar intervene in this fight and back Mannara?

Arun Srikanth wakes Isha Malviya and Samarth Jurel, who are dozing off against the rules of the house. Isha complains that Arun should not order her around and the latter is not the one to relent. A riled-up Isha refuses to wake up at Arun’s behest and mocks him for sleeping for the entire season. Not happy with Arun’s tone, Abhishek Kumar intervenes and asks him to speak politely. This leads to a verbal spat between Sunny Aryaa and Abhishek, who are on the verge of getting into a physical fight. Will Arun, Sunny and Abhishek be punished for threatening each other with violence?

Munawar notices that Ankita Lokhande has not washed off the crushed ginger in the mortar and pestle after preparing her regular ginger tea. When he’s about to address this concern with her, she cuts him off and continues to talk to Sana Raees Khan. A visibly upset Munawar brings to her attention that even after she wrapped up her conversation with Sana, she did not ask him to finish his thought. Digressing from the topic, Ankita complains to Munawar that it seems to people as if she and Mannara are competing for his friendship. Will this create a rift between Munawar and Ankita, who have shared a great bond until now?

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