Hunar Hali has some news!
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The on screen twists and turns in Chhal: Sheh Aur Maat are enough to keep everybody on the edge of their seats. But all this drama has some tough competition in the form of the real life of its stars. From new entries and exits to the chemistry between co-stars, the stars of this show are an interesting bunch, to say the least. And leading the pack is the beautiful leading lady of the show, Hunar Hali, aka Aditi Jaiswal.
Whenever an actress doesn't declare her relationship status, there are bound to be rumours and link ups with co-stars and 'good friends'. And the same is true about Hunar Hali. This pretty lass has had her share of link ups. But now after a series of 'No comments', comes an actual confirmation drom Hunar. And the big news is that Hunar is getting engaged!
That's right. Hunar has finally found her Mr. Right. And she is ready for a lifetime of happiness with 'The One'. Hunar has confirmed that we will hear an announcement from her soon. And the engagement is slated to happen in the next few months. Hunar says,”Yes, I'm planning to get engaged soon. I won't reveal much at this point of time but there is surely some big news coming your way in the next few months”
That's happy news for her fans indeed, but not good news for all those who harboured a crush on her. Another piece of bad news is that Hunar is not yet ready to reveal who her 'Mr. Forever After' is. “Telling you everything right now is not a good idea. Ill reveal everything at the right time,” she blushes. 

She might not want to reveal the lucky one's identity, but she does share her wedding dreams. And her dream wedding destination, surprisingly, is Bangkok. Dream honeymoon destination? “Has to be Italy. Venice and Milan are my dream honeymoon destinations. I have planned all this in my mind but will have to take my future husband's wishes into consideration too,”she laughs.
Well Hunar, with your charm and beauty, we're sure you won't have a hard time getting your way. But even with all this information, the mystery surrounding your choice remains. We wonder if it is someone that she has already been linked with, like Abhishek Malik, or Hunar springs another surprise on us. Wait and watch seems to be the best policy right now. But congratulations for now!

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