Hunar is a Sleeping Beauty!
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Now we know that Chhal has emerged as one of the top thriller shows on television right now and that all the twists and turns are enough to keep you on the edge of the seat. But the show seems to be having a completely opposite effect on the actors who are part of the show. Take the case of Hunar Hali, the lead of the show. She is so exhausted by the gruelling shoot schedules that she nod off between shots on the set itself!

Now we know that shooting a thriller show is no mean feat. The late night shoots and scenes with 

different camera angles must be taxing for the actors. And Hunar being the lead of the show, is required 

for most of the scenes, leaving her very little time to relax of catch up on her sleep. A source on the 

sets informed us, “This week has been particularly hectic. There have been days when Hunar has shot for the whole day and then overnight, gone home and reported on the sets in a couple of hours.” This is some serious commitment to work for sure.
But all this round the clock shooting has to take its toll somewhere. And sure enough, when we went on 

the sets of Chhal, we found Hunar taking a power nap in between takes and set changes. We saw a lot of activity on the sets around her with all the actors rehearsing their lines and chattering away in between 

takes. But Hunar seemed unaffected by all this and continued to catch forty winks on the sets in all her 


We definitely appreciate the pains that Hunar is going through for the audience to get their daily dose 

of thrill in Chhal. But with television actresses having a history of fainting on sets or falling sick 

due to work pressure, we'll advise Hunar to be careful with her health in the future!


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