"I love you Zoya!"
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  • September 5, 2018
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This week on Bepannaah, Zoya comes in support of Aditya and tells everyone that he cannot harm anyone. In the heat of the moment, she even tells Arshad that everything between them is over! Zoya gets upset and on the other side, Anjana is trying to gauge Aditya’s point of view and trying to provoke him against Arshad. After a while, we see Arshad at Zoya's house who comes to tell her the truth about Aditya. To get clarity, Zoya calls Aditya home. On questioning him about the incident, Aditya finally confesses that he loves her and everyone is shocked. Zoya then slaps him and asks him to leave.





Aditya and Arjun, on the other hand, are having a serious conversation on how to make Zoya understand that he wasn’t lying to her. Noor meanwhile tells her that she knew everything from the beginning. Zoya requests Noor to inform Aditya or Arjun about her engagement with Arshad. Roshnaq notices the fake smile on Zoya’s face and tries to console Zoya. She tells Zoya to close her eyes and that Allah will help her in making the right decision. Who does Zoya see? Does she really agree to marry Arshad? Find out this week from Monday to Friday at 9:30 pm. 






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