I wanna break free!
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Freedom is a loosely used word in today's time. “I want to break free…I want to break free from your lies” as the famous Queen song, we all want to break free from things that bind us. But when freedom means different things to different persons, we take the song & opportunity to the hot Colors youth to find out what the song & freedom means to them.

 Vivian Dsena, the Superstar RK from Madhubala, when asked what freedom means to him he said, “I think everyone has a right to be free. But yes, freedom should be in limit, if given in excess then it can become a dicey situation.” 

When quizzed about the song, he says that every time there is a party, playing that song atleast once is mandatory… while he can identify with the song, the romantic undertones do not remind him about the struggle that our forefathers went in getting Independence from the British. 

But on the other hand when we spoke to Gaurav Bajaj, Aman from Uttaran; he said, “Freedom for me means to be myself. Being free would mean that I don't have to be fake in front of anyone, I should be independent in my thoughts.”

Similarly, even Sreejita De from Uttaran is of the same opinion that we need to be free in our mind. “Freedom helps to grow as an individual. If we are not dependent on each other, we grow as a person and that helps us decide what is right for us. It helps us to be independent,” she said.

Both Gaurav & Sreejita love the song but believe that the struggle of independence cannot be compared to few lines of a popular song.

It looks like even though they don’t make a hue & cry about Independence Day and everyone is really happy for an extra day off work, young India respects the struggle that got us our independence. Our actors seem to have a clear view about it, you can share your views too in our comments box below!

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