Ichcha donates her heart to Tapasya #Uttaran Weekly Update 28th Mar to 3rd Apr
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In the beginning of the week we saw Ichcha praying for Tapasya’s life in the Kaali temple. When she walks out she sees two kids playing and imagines them to be Tapasya’s and her childhood. An approaching truck catches Ichcha’s attention and she jumps in to save the kids and gets hit by the truck. Watch Ichcha’s shocking accident right here.

The kids’ mother admits Ichcha in the same hospital Tapasya is in and meets Jogi Thakur and Damini there. Since Ichcha’s face gets damaged in the accident, no one recognizes her but Ichcha clutches on to Damini’s hand. Watch their meeting in this video.

In the haveli, Meethi dresses up to play Holi and forces Kajri to join in who tries to tell her it’s not possible. Eventually, Meethi comes to know that it’s Maiyya’s husband’s death anniversary and Holi isn’t celebrated in the haveli. Watch as Meethi feels disappointed.

Veer tries to reach Ichcha’s phone but it comes unavailable. Everybody gets worried thinking where she could have disappeared like this. Veer then remembers Ichcha mentioning of going to the temple and informs everyone about the same. All assume that Ichcha would be in temple praying for Tapasya’s life and hope her prayers are heard. In the same sequence, Ichcha is shown lying in the hospital bed as her family is unaware of her condition. Watch this emotional sequence right here.

Maiyya sends Meethi in the kitchen to wash utensils and Gomti taunts her on her work. Irritated, Meethi throws away the dishes and shouts on Gomti for insulting her. Akash hears this and asks Meethi to behave. Watch as Meethi feels flustered by everyone’s behavior in the haveli.

Akash promises Meethi to make calls to her family and she tells him what messages to give. In the hospital the doctor asks Rathore to find a donor soon as they have little time left in hand. While the two doctors converse about Tapasya’s condition in Ichcha’s room, she hears their conversation and realizes her friend’s life is in danger. Watch this sequence here.

Dejected, Rathore is shown standing in front of Ganesha’s temple and asks him why is he trying to take away Tapasya and that too when she was trying to correct her mistakes. He pleads Him to save Tapasya as she’s his life and cries uncontrollably. Watch Rathore’s touching confession in this video.

Ichcha starts bleeding profusely and when the doctors attempt to save her Ichcha mouths the word ‘donate’. Immediately her thumb impression is taken on the documents consenting her will to donate her heart to Tapasya. Watch Ichcha’s biggest sacrifice for Tapasya in this video.

Both Tapasya and Ichcha’s condition becomes critical and while doctors are trying to stable them they have a telepathic conversation in which Ichcha asks Tapasya to stay strong. They talk about their friendship and how Tapasya feels the end is near. In delirium, both Ichcha and Tapasya feel each other’s presence and at that moment Ichcha breathes her last. Watch as Ichcha gives her up life for her friend.

Akash returns and lies about not being able to find a telephone booth. Meethi gets upset on this and when everyone is sleeping sneaks out of the house. She finds a STD booth close by and first attempts to call Ichcha. When she gets no response, she dials Damini’s number and on hearing her voice, Meethi goes numb and is unable to speak properly and the call gets disconnected. Watch as Meethi steps out of the haveli for the first time.

The doctors take Tapasya for the heart transplant surgery and Rathore and family are informed about it. They’re unaware of the fact that it was Ichcha who donated her heart and wonder how to repay this debt. Damini goes to the morgue to see the person who donated heart along with Jogi and while he says his thanks, Damini stares at the body feeling like she knows her. Watch this heart-wrenching moment in this video.

Will Ichcha’s family find out about her death and her sacrifice for Tapasya? And will Tapasya come out safe from the operation? Keep watching this space to know more updates!

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