If I find someone I want the second stage to be marriage: Tejaswi Prakash
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In the show Sanskaar you see Dhara play the obedient bahu of Vaishnav family and a dutiful wife to Jai. But in real life, Tejaswi is nowhere close to getting married. The 20-year old shared with us her thoughts on her marriage and gave a glimpse to the psyche of her character, read on.
Q. Your character Dhara has entered a contract marriage do you think it’s the right decision for her? 

Yes absolutely. As Maha Guruji has predicted that Jai’s life is in danger for the next 7 months and since Dhara has ‘Akhand Saubhagyawati’ in her kundli she is like a SurakshaKavach for him. Hence the two get married. Personally I thought the concept to be very intriguing. I don’t think there’s anything wrong in being in a contract marriage. Couples who want to try it out do it but honestly I will not be able to. I believe that I only do those things in which I can give my 100% commitment to. I am not a quitter. But for the show, the concept is new, it’s different and I think it makes for an interesting angle.
Q. Jai seems to be disinterested in Dhara, how will she change that?

Honestly Dhara is not the kind of person who needs to make an extra effort to make people like her. Her character is such that Jai’s family members naturally like her for who she is. Even with Jai she believes it’s the same. He is still in the whole Bhoomi phase and the day he decides to move on from her he will definitely notice Dhara and her qualities. 
Q. What does Tejaswi in real life thinks about marriage? 

I think getting married is important but not compulsory. As of now I don’t see myself getting married since I’m only 20 years old! But yeah, if you find someone then giving it a name isn’t wrong. Personally if I find someone I want the second stage to be marriage. I don’t believe in casual dating.
Q. Playing the role of a married girl at the age of 20, what difficulties do you face?

It feels kind of weird because when I come home I still have sindoor stains on my forehead and all my friends and family laugh on me. But as a character it’s something new to play, you learn something new so that way it’s a good experience. Now I know that I don’t want to get married in a house where I have to wear pallu and all!
Q. 5 requisites that your future husband should definitely fulfill. 

a. Patience – because I’m crazy

b. Tolerance – because I make a lot of mistakes

c.  Forgiving – Again because I make a lot of mistakes and I want him to forgive me all the time

d. Quiet and interesting – he should be interesting enough to talk and when there’s a conversation you crack he should be able to respond. Not compulsory to have a good sense of humour because I think I’m funny enough to laugh on my own jokes! And yes, he should be a good listener.

e. Tall – He doesn’t necessarily be good looking but he should be tall. That’s something I always     wanted in my guy.

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