I’m a crazy, romantic person, says Jay Soni
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Jay Soni is the quintessential chocolate boy, and his cute looks and boyish charm works wonders on the ladies. That makes him a perfect candidate to be quizzed on all things romantic on the eve of Valentines’ Day. And here’s what the leading man of Sanskaar had to say.


Q: What does Valentines’ Day mean to you?

Jay: Actually, any day is ok to express your love. But when you’re in college, you wait for Valentines’ Day to ask out the girl you like. On 14th February, girls can pick and choose whichever guy they like, and they also get a lot of bhaav this day!

 Q: Have you ever celebrated Valentines’ Day? What is your fondest memory of the day?

Jay: When I was in 9th standard, I was a chubby guy and I was dating the most in-demand girl in our school. Even though our school started at 7 am, I got flowers for her somehow. It was so embarrassing, everyone kept asking me who the flowers were for! But I gave them to her, along with an Udit Narayan album called ‘I Love You’ ( I know it’s cheesy but you don’t know better when you’re in the 9th standard)

Q: What is your idea of romance?

Jay: For me, romance is all about being with someone. When you’re with that person, you feel complete and you don’t need anybody else or anything else in the world. That’s romance for me.

Q: What would your ideal girl be like?

Jay: I don’t like materialistic or fake girls. My ideal girl should be innocent, and very cute. I prefer cute girls over hot ones. And she should be smart and well-spoken, but not too brainy. I have enough brains of my own, so I wouldn’t like a girl who over-thinks.

 Q: If you find such a girl, what would your ideal date be like?

Jay: I dream of going on a cruise with my date on Valentines’ Day. And on 13th night, I would take her on the deck of the cruise, where we can only see the ocean on all sides. We would sip wine, and just talk to each other under the starry night, with soft music playing in the background.

Q: Which TV actress do you find attractive?

Jay: Honestly, I don’t find any TV actress desirable. But when it comes to Bollywood, I love Kareena Kapoor for her cuteness and hotness. She is superb and I love her!

Q: What would you gift your girlfriend on Valentines’ Day?

Jay: I would write a letter to her, telling her that I’m hers forever. So whenever we have a fight and are on the verge of a break-up, she would read that letter and we patch up without saying anything.

Q: What is your favourite date film?

Jay: I know it’s a weird choice, but it would be ‘Desi Boyz’. I love the relationship between John Abraham and Deepika Padukone, and some of the scenes in the movie are very romantic.

Q: Would you be crazy in love?

Jay: Of course! I’m a crazy, romantic person. If I was missing my girlfriend and she was busy in a meeting, I wouldn’t hesitate to barge in, give her a big hug, and then ask her colleagues to continue the meeting! I won’t go to the extent of getting a tattoo or anything, because I don’t like tattoos.

Q: What would be your Valentines’ Day message to youngsters?

Jay: For those who don’t believe in love, I would say that love happens only once, the rest is just life. And for those who are really heartbroken, I would say, (tongue firmly in cheek) ‘Don’t worry guys, love is forever, only partners change!’ Happy Valentines’ Day to everyone. 


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