I’m loving Bharti’s obsessive love: Yashashree
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Ansu Baa played a brilliant game by challenging Bhoomi to nine tests before accepting her as the bahu of the Vaishnav family. So far, we've seen Bhoomi struggle at the very beginning of the agnipariksha, much to Ansu Baa and Hasmukh's glee. Andu Baa has also promised Bharti that at the end of the challenge, she would be married to Kishan. But what does Bharti think of this whole situation?

We asked Yashashree, who plays Bharti, and she had this to say- ‘Bharti doesn't really know what is happening with her. She respects Ansu Baa, but is worried and confused as this challenge is getting Bhoomi closer to most of the family members. They all have forgotten Bharti completely and that hurts!’

But isn’t it a little selfish of Bharti to hope that Kishan’s marriage to Bhoomi fails? Yashashree doesn’t agree with this, and adds, ‘She just knows that she loves Kishan and she doesn't like the way he is attached to Bhoomi. She herself has faced two ‘almost marriages’, so is now waiting for what was promised to her. She doesn’t think of it as breaking someone’s relationship.’

Well, that seems like a valid argument from Bharti’s point of view. But what does Yashashree think of this new shade of her character? ‘I Love it!’ is her emphatic reply, which leaves us surprised. She continues, ‘I believe everyone of us has gone through a heartbreak in our life, so playing out that jealousy, that pain and that innocent but obsessive love is wonderful. I am really enjoying it!’

So Yashashree seems to be really convinced about Bharti’s stand against Bhoomi, and promises that this track will have loads of interesting developments ahead. Who do you think is a better partner for Kishan? Tell us in the comments section below!


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