Imarti Devi ki bahuon ke khoobsurti ka raaz!
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What is common between all the bahus of the Shrivastav household in Kairee? Rack your brains, tell us what Kusum , Sajni and Ambi have in common. No? Ok, we'll tell you. All three of them are tortured and humiliated by Imarti Devi, and all the three daughters in law are deprived of their husbands' love. But there is one more thing that is common between the three. And that is, that all three of them are beautiful ladies. And we have found out the secret behind their enviable looks.

And surprise, surprise! It's not any expensive beauty product or salon treatment. It is, the tried and tested 'green tea'. Talk about beauty on the inside. Dipti Dhyani (Kusum) can be seen walking around the sets sipping green tea from her thermos. It is only when the shot is ready that she parts with her tea and readies herself. Dipti says laughingly, “Our schedules don't allow us to do anything else to take care of our fitness or health. So we have to stick to green tea to maintain ourselves.”
But it is not just Imarti Devi's eldest bahu who is hooked on to this miracle drink. Roshani Shetty (Sajni) and Preeti Choudhary (Ambi) too, are big fans of green tea. In fact Roshani's make up room has a small water heater which is switched on the moment she gets a break and has her fix of green tea. 

Preeti on the other hand, prefers normal 'chai' to the green version. She says,”I drink chai only once a day. And I like it to be strong.” But for the rest of the day, Preeti too, sticks to the healthy green tea rather than the sticky milky tea that the rest of the unit seems to like.

Well, that is one good habit that Imarti Devi's daughters in law have picked up on the sets.What can we say, the family that drinks together, stays together. And we mean green tea, of course! 

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