Imarti Devi to bid a happy goodbye!
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She and her family have been a part of our evenings since April. And now, Imarti Devi is all set to bid goodbye to the small screen. The last episode of Kairee will be shown on 14th December, and then it is curtains for this unique show! That's right, this 'khatti meethi' show has reached its logical conclusion and will have a happy ending.

The audience must be aware that Imarti Devi's husband Ashok is trying his best to win her over. Though his sons are on his side, an adamant Imarti Devi is not ready to accept him back into her life. What's more, when she finds out that Ashok got back the house to prevent the Shrivastav family from being homeless and that Ambi had been plotting for his return, she will want to leave the house. 

What will happen is, Imarti Devi will want to become a saint and leave the house. Naturally, all her family members will try to dissuade her from doing this.But when a determined Imarti Devi walks out of the house, her life will be in danger as a truck hurtles towards her. Just then, Ashok will risk his life and push her away from her impending death, injuring himself in the process. 

Needless to say, Imarti Devi will realize Ashok's love with his heroic action and welcome him back into her life. And the whole family will be happy that the patriarch has returned. Mission successful, Ambi!

Kairee has been one of the most 'alag' shows on television. Of course, the kitchen politics that rule television were also the mainstay of the show. But Imarti Devi's 'Hambhe!' and her choicest taunts showed a flavour that was never before seen on television. And this 'Hambhe!' became the rage among the ladies, earning mass popularity for this interesting character. 

So, this show, set in Gwalior, found a place in the viewers' hearts for the duration that it was on air. And it is going to end on a happy and dramatic note. So don't forget to watch the last episode of Kairee and bid the show a happy good-bye!

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