Impotence breaking homes?
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There was a time when problems like dowry and sexual harassment were the core reasons of divorce and most of the times women were blamed to be the cause. Even in cases where woman turned out to be infertile, the man would send her back to her parents and find someone else to procreate with. And if the man had the said issue, his family would kill the secret and again blame the women.

But now times are changing, women have started to revolt against this injustice and are legally seeking help to get out of such a relation. Many such cases have come out in recent times where women fought for their rights and blamed their men for not fulfilling their duty as a husband. The word ‘Impotence’ which was considered as a taboo is now being used openly by woman who seeks for divorce on the basis of sexual dissatisfaction in marriage.

Mahila Helpline, an NGO based in Kanpur, has claimed that atleast 5-7 cases are now coming up in comparison to 1-2 cases which just goes to prove that women are now looking at the larger picture and trying to safeguard their future. There have been controversial cases too where women have filed cases against their husbands but were not able to prove anything. 

The whole discussion hints that as women are getting independent in their lives, it’s becoming easy for them to express their issues openly. Impotence in husbands is one of the most hushed topics in society which is now coming out loud and Aamna Samna is one forum which discusses such issues and helps individuals reach a solution. With a respected jury and two prestige counselors, Aamna Samna focuses on bringing justice to the wrong. Catch them discussing issues related to impotence in husbands on tonight's episode of Aamna Samna at 10:30pm only on Colors.


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