Introducing you to the main characters of ‘Bepannaah.’
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What happens after one’s life takes an unexpected turn? You will come to know after watching the story of ‘Bepannaah’ which starts on 19th of March!



Let’s get to know the characters –



Aditya Hooda – Aditya is a pilot by profession. Although an extrovert by nature he is an emotional person. He believes in perfection, is also blunt and impulsive at times. Aditya is married to Pooja, who isn’t just his wife but also his friend and a support system.  On one fateful day Aditya’s  life changes forever! He comes to know that Pooja died in an accident and also that she was cheating on him.  He gets severely affected by this! Destiny makes him meet Zoya, and there begins a new chapter of his life.





Zoya Siddiqui – Zoya is very loving, kind and a gentle person. She is very polite and soft-spoken. Zoya is married to Yash who treats her like a princess. She is quite empathetic, and usually puts herself into the shoes of the other person while analyzing a situation. She was always an obedient child who listened to her father except for the time when she got married to Yash. Her life is like a fairytale and she has no fixed aspirations. Her life changes completely after Yash’s sudden death! She doesn’t believe that Yash had an extra marital affair.






Pooja – Aditya Hooda’s wife, Pooja always longed for true love.  Aditya was always more of a friend than a lover. She knows that Aditya needs her more and is dependent on her. But after meeting Yash, Pooja realizes the meaning of true love, as he fulfills all her dreams as a lover. In the meanwhile, Pooja also understands that Aditya is just a habit. But before she could take a decision about her life, she gets killed in an accident.






Yash – Yash Arora is Zoya’s husband. He is a self-made man belonging to a middle class family. He is responsible and a caring husband. Yash is suave, perfectionist, hardworking and an ambitious man. Although Yash loved Zoya he kept her at a pedestal where a wife is a lover and hence he never got connected to her as a friend, he could never be himself with her. But when Yash meets Pooja he realizes what was missing in his life, his mind and heart get aligned with hers. The duo feels that they are soul mates. But before he could plan something for life, he meets with an accident and gets killed.





Watch their unique story on ‘Bepannaah’ starting on 19th of March Mon-Fri at 9 PM.

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