Is Ganga in love with Jagya?
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Just like Meera was one of the foremost exponents of divine and devotional love, Ganga too has devoted herself for the service of her Dr. Sahab.

After Jagya and his family supported Ganga and gave her a new life, it was quite natural for Ganga to pay off for their generosities through her services. In fact, it was her dedication and sincerity towards the family that gave confidence to Anandi to confide in her and hand her responsibility over to Ganga before leaving for Udaipur. And now it seems that Ganga has taken up this responsibility quite seriously and it seems to have impressed everyone including Dadisa. 

While Ganga's equation with the family member's is still formal, Jagya treats her like a friend. And it was due to this camaraderie between the two that Ganga could persuade Jagya to remarry. 

It was Ganga who made Jagya realize that whatever he did to Gauri was his fault, but when it came to understanding Jagya's eternal feelings for Anandi, she was the only one who supported him. Not only this, she even went ahead and made conscious efforts to help Jagya come out of depression despite several refutation by Jagya.

And now that Jagya is ready to start afresh in life, it seems that Ganga ahs started developing feelings for her Dr. Sahab. And the feeling appears to be mutual. Especially after the Holi episode, when Jagya hugged Ganga thinking her to be Anandi. Although, Ganga did forgive Jagya for the incident, she did not forgive him for his continual feelings for Anandi.

She also went out of her way to investigate about the background of the family that had come to propose their daughter for Jagya. She revealed about their evil intentions and saved Jagya from falling into another vortex of a failed marriage. 

Is Ganga falling in love with Jagya? Is Jagya falling in love with Ganga? The excitement is too much and just like you we are also dying to know what will happen!

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