Is Imli going to jail?
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Sooraj and Chakor tell the villagers about Imli and her. Sooraj expresses his grief over being left out of her plan. Vivaan is about to take a drastic step and Sooraj tries to stop him. Chakor walks into Vivaan's room to find Imli where they confront each other and Chakor warns Imli against ever touching Saanvi again. Vivaan is hell-bent on killing Imli but Chakor warns him against it and they decide on giving another chance to Imli. 

Imli tries to brainwash Sooraj against Chakor and Vivaan. Vivaan is still angry at Imli and plans to shoot her when he gets a call. Chakor handles the situation by suggesting sending Imli to prison. Imli asks for forgiveness and is fighting against going to jail. On the way to the prison, the three are kidnapped. What happens next? Stay tuned!




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