Is Ranbir going back?
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Jiya and Akki are bantering again while Kritika is instructed to deliver a notice at the Kapoor Mansion. However, she bumps into Ranbir and begins fighting with him. After reading the address on the notice Kritika is perplexed as this is the address where she dropped off Jiya. 

Malishka is plotting with Shilpa to woo Ranbir when Kritika comes looking for Ranbir. Malishka plays a victim in front of her and when Ranbir comes to know of Kritika's arrival he instructs Akki to get things ready according to his plan. Jiya witnesses this and attempts to stop Akki from executing his plan. After this, Jiya plans to offer her resignation but Kritika stops her from doing so. Kritika hands over the notice to Ranbir which is regarding the Ayush Batra property. When Ranbir tells his family about the notice, they advise him to leave the country for some time. 

Arun comes home to Pammy interrogating Kritika and scolds her for her misbehavior which in turn backfires on him. Kritika relieves Pammy of her suspicion and tells her that the marriage between her and Arun is null and void and hurts herself while saying this out loud. On the other end, Ranbir feels her pain and goes to the window, where he sees Kritika and they feel a calm as they look at each other. The next day, Ranbir leaves for Canada and when Kritika learns about this, she feels sad. Balraj tells Akki to keep Mahima's jewelry in the safe and he arrives at the bank at the same time as Jiya and Kritika where some goons are planning to rob the bank. 





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