Is Roop learning to be a bully?
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Last week, Roop was on a mission to steal fruits from a garden. Time to find out what happens next! The gardener asks Roop to show his covered face and raises hand to slap Roop but he doesn’t. Ranveer informs everyone that gardener caught Roop red handed and this news makes Shamsher very happy. Everyone is shocked when the gardener brings in a basket of fruit and praises Roop. Karsan asks Shamsher to forget everything and Shamsher asks him to leave the house, but Roop convinces him his father against it.

In a series of events ahead, Roop beats up a boy in school as he was disrespecting a girl and when called in by the principal, Shamsher feels proud of Roop. Everyone is happy and then celebrates Roop's birthday. Ranveer tries to come up with a plan to spoil Roop's birthday and brings it to everyone's notice that Roop has only invited girls for his birthday. This leads to Shamsher deciding to change Roop's school and on his way there, Roop is abducted by some goons. Shamsher fights the goons and rescues Roop and the media treat the father and son like stars. Roop's principal then tries to convince Shamsher to let Roop attend his school. Will he be able to convince Shamsher? Stay tuned to know more.




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