Is Zoya falling for Arshad?
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The week kickstarts with a biryani making competition between Aditya and Arshad. Just so Aditya can win the competition, Noor plans on mixing something in Arshad's biryani but fails in doing so. Waseem tells that Zoya will taste both the biryanis and pick the best one. Zoya declares Arshad as the winner and Aditya feels bad. Aditya is then seen making a fake call about a hospital emergency to Arshad, so he can leave. Going forward, Noor informs Aditya and Arjun that Zoya has left with Arshad to Bharat Nagar, an area where a curfew has been declared. Zoya enters the lane and gets worried after seeing the deadly silence and in no time, she spots a group of people marching towards her with talwars in their hand and she is stunned!





A series of events take place one after the other when Aditya and Arshad reach that area – from the goons holding Arshad’s neck on a knife to Aditya and Zoya saving each other’s life. The goons are even seen holding Zoya, threatening to slit her throat with his sword but Aditya comes in and saves Zoya in time. Zoya is also worried about Arshad amidst all the turmoil. How does Aditya react to this?






Stay tuned to Bepannaah all week long at 9:30 pm.

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