Isha misses her 8th Perfect 30!
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  • August 12, 2012
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  • 6:49 pm

Since last 7 weeks, the magical jodi of Isha and Salman have been consistently entertaining us with awe-inspiring acts on Jhalak. In fact, last week we had Karan Johar who said that he’s tired of Isha & Salman and would like to see a 9 on 10  performance from them.. just for a change!

And this week, Isha missed her 8th perfect by just one mark.


Unfortunately, Isha’s choreographer Salman suffered a neck injury during our technical rehearsals which left him bedridden. However, not losing hope, Isha teamed with Cornel who stepped in to perform with her this week. Salman’s absence had clearly affected Isha and somewhere the magic was missing!

Although it was a ‘Purrfect’ for Madhuri and a ‘Blockbuster’ for Karan, Remo still felt that it was not upto his ‘This Is It’ standard and gave them a 9!


We really appreciate Isha and Cornel for pulling up this act at the Nth hour and doing absolute justice to it by scoring 29 marks. But, Isha’s perfect 30 series is now broken. Will she be able to recover and come back with a kickass performance for a Perfect 30 next week?


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