Isha won’t perform this week
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  • September 4, 2012
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This week on Jhalak, the top six contestants on Jhalak had to match steps with the international dancers from Las Vegas and while practicing for one of these acts, Isha misjudged a move that cost her a week's performance to say the least. 

Jaymez Tuaileva who was training Isha for her upcoming Swing performance had tried a step with Isha atleast five times  where she had to jump over his head, turn upside down and hold his legs. But finally, when he increased the pace of the movement, Isha could not fathom the speed and could not hold his legs and fell on the floor with the entire body weight on her right hand. As a result her right hand got hurt very badly and her elbow bones got disocated. 

While talking to us Isha shared some funny moments that happened whilst she was still in pain. She told us that when she was being rushed to the Kokilaben Ambani Hospital, the doctors kept telling her, “Go back, go back! What are you doing here? You have to dance!” When Salman informed judge Madhuri Dixit about the accident, she was in a state of denial and kept repeating that no, it can't happen.

Post initial tests doctors have adviced Isha a strict three to four weeks of complete bed rest. While talking about her injury, Isha kept insisting that she is a fighter and such injuries can't bog her confidence down. She and Salman have set a record of  getting a 30 on 30 ten times on Jhalak and are hell bent on winning the JDJ title and with this dedicationa and passion we know she will for sure. For now, we just want to wish her a speedy recovery and request all her fants to keep voting her 

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