It’s ‘Do or Die’ for SurKshetra contestants!
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  • September 14, 2012
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Now that you have watched the first two episodes of SurKshetra, you have an idea about what kind of talent you will experience in SurKshetra. The Indian and Pakistani contestants along with their captains are all set to face the challenges that the jury will set up in front of them. And what a challenge it will be! 

For the first time in the history of reality shows, the scoring method has been completely revamped. We are used to seeing our favourite contestants fight out for a score of 8 or a bad performance earning a 6. But on Sur Kshetra, there is no middle path, no easy outs. The only scores that any contestant will get are 0 or 10. That's right. A perfect performance will earn a 10 whereas if a singer falters even a little, all he/she will get is a 0. Seems harsh right? Not quite. Asha Bhosle, part of the jury, says, “Whenever a contestant got a 0, he or she would try doubly hard the next time to get a 10 on his score card.” But Runa Laila, the Bangladeshi judge laughed,”The scoring system was a headache for us as we couldn't give a 7 or 9 even if we wanted to.”

But this scoring meter was also a reason for disagreement between the two very protective captains.Himesh Reshammiya, the Indian captain averred that this was the most unique scoring system that he had seen in all his experience of reality shows. He revealed,”Atif and me don't have any personal animosity. Whatever arguments we had were so that our teams get fair marks.”

So when the very talented singers from both the teams face the judges, it will literally be a do or die situation for them. And we're sure that they will give their best on stage every time to ensure that their team's head stays held up high with a perfect 10.

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