It’s Kishan vs. Hasmukh for the mill #Sanskaar Weekly Recap 27th – 30th May
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Karsan was upset over Hasmukh’s allegations, but Kishan and Parul tried to console him. Even Ansu Baa assured Karsan that she didn’t consider him guilty, and tried to cheer him up. (Watch the touching scene here)

Ketki tried pinning the blame of their misfortune on Bhoomi’s unlucky stars, but was silenced by Parul. While the family was worried about the mill, Kishan entered with a lawyer and declared that they still had the original papers and the ones that Amritlal had were duplicates, so they were free to inaugurate the mill on Akshaya Tritiya. 

Kishan also confronted Amrutlal and told him about the duplicate papers, and declared that the mill still belonged to the Vaishnav family. (Watch the confrontation here)

An angry Amrutlal called Hasmukh, and Hasmukh promised that he would get the original papers to him. Hasmukh then started his efforts of getting the original papers which Bhoomi had kept in the store room, but all his efforts of getting the keys were thwarted by Bhoomi. (Watch as Hasmukh fails to get the keys)

The whole house was busy with the Maha Aayojan, but Ketki and Hasmukh were concerned with getting the keys to the store room cupboard. Ketki, under the pretext of getting vessels for the function, fooled Bhoomi into handing over the keys. 

Hasmukh took the keys from Ketki and sneaked into the store room to get the papers, but was confronted by Kishan, who questioned Hasmukh about turning against his family and joining hands with the enemy. 

Kishan asked Hasmukh to get the original papers back from Amrutlal and do a sting operation on Amrutlal, and when he refused, Bhoomi showed him the recording of his confession which persuaded Hasmukh to help them. (Watch as Hasmukh agrees to help Kishan)

The next day, Ketki was shocked to see the stolen keys with Bhoomi, but she was all the more shocked when Bhoomi told her that she knew what Ketki was up to, and that she wouldn’t bear it in the future. (Watch Bhoomi’s subtle warning to Ketki)

Hasmukh went to Amrutlal and gave him the fake papers. Inspite of Amrutlal’s threats, he also managed to get the original papers and record Amrutlal’s confessions about cheating the Vaishnav family. But while leaving Amrutlal’s place, Hasmukh dropped his phone in the water, which put the sting operation footage at risk.

While Kishan is confident about re-opening the mill, Amrutlal is bent on spoiling the family’s plans. Which side will succeed?

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