It’s Tea vs. Coffee in Bigg Boss!
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  • October 17, 2012
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Who knew that Coffee could be a bone of contention in the Bigg Boss house? To the caffeine addicts in the house, coffee is a luxury and they are resorting to methods like hiding it and joking about it in order to keep it to themselves. So when the discussion for the luxury budget began this week, arguments erupted between the tea and coffee drinkers.

 Sapna, who is a major caffeine addict was accused of hiding the coffee jar with Niketan’s help. Niketan on his part, kept joking with everyone that the coffee is over. This was a cause for the huge fight between Sapna, Niketan on one side and Urvashi and Aashka on the other, who said that even though they are tea drinkers, they make tea for everyone but the coffee drinkers are being selfish by hiding it and then joking about it! This further resulted in Aashka and Urvashi expressing their discomfort against Niketan who portrays to be something he is not!
Even during the last luxury budget, picking up the expensive coffee over other necessary items was the cause of arguments between the housemates. Looks like these coffee tales will go on for a long time. 
Hope Bigg Boss is listening to all the argument and gives the housemates their daily dose of caffeine!

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