I’ve been through some situations like Janhvi: Falak
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It has been a sad few days for Janhvi as she has been cheated by the love of her life-Shaurya. Heartbreak has turned this once assertive girl into a tearful, meek girl. While we can understand that matters of the heart can do that to anyone, let’s ask the lady, Falak Naaz herself, what she feels about this change.


Q: So how is Falak enjoying the change from the outspoken Jahnvi to the hearthbroken one?

Falak: I really like it. You might think that Jahnvi wasn’t very emotional earlier, but she had sacrificed a lot for her Daadi (Shobha) as well. Now that she has a family, her emotional side has come out, which is also seen in the way she deals with Shaurya. Mujhe bohot pasand aa raha hai. 


Q: How different do you feel while acting all heartbroken?

Falak: Ye change to bohot hit wala aaya hai. I’ve always wanted to play a negative character, which I got to do in the initial days of Janhvi. I loved it when Janhvi turned positive too, because I’m just as emotional as Janhvi is. I’ve been through some similar phases personally, so I like acting them out.


Q: Is the hatred for Shaurya (Rohit Khurrana) inspired by real life?

Falak: (laughs) No, no not at all! We have a lot of fun on the sets, bohot masti hoti hai. The whole unit kept laughing during the initial hospital scenes because we had to make angry faces at each other. Even now, I don’t know when he’ll hit me in the middle of a scene! Recently he accidentally hit me while performing, but I didn’t cut the scene and continued. But when the shot was okayed I beat him playfully and yelled that he hurt me. He said sorry, but also scolded me for being around him during the scene! So it’s all fun and games while shooting.


Q: Would Falak go from love to hate in her personal life like Janhvi did?

Falak:  Ummm, not really. If I hated someone as much as Janhvi hated Shaurya, I wouldn’t even see his face, forget talking to him. If he came and talked to me, I would really ignore him! I’m a yaaron ka yaar, and dushmano ka dushman kind of a person. (laughs)


Q:  You’ve played angry Janhvi and now a betrayed-in-love Janhvi. Anything else you want to explore?

 Falak: I want people to see Janhvi being happy and smiling! I want Janhvi to be mischievous with her brothers, have fun with Roli and Simar. If the track has any scope for romance, I would like to have some light scenes with Shaurya, like some nok jhok or roothna manana. But anyway, I’m happy to do what I’m doing now too, so no issues! 

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