Jagat comes home!
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  • June 11, 2019
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Tonight, on Kesari after days of treatment, we see Jagat getting a discharge from the hospital. Kesari and her family are super happy, and they cannot wait to take Jagat home. On reaching home, Madhavi and Hanumant realize that Zorawar has planned a betting match in the akhada to source out some money. How will they react to this? Later, as a responsible sister, Kesari tries to make Jagat laugh so he recovers soon. When the doctor comes to check Jagat, he gives a piece of shocking news to the family. Hanumant, Madhavi and Kesari are shattered on hearing the same. Will Hanumant be able to bear this?


Later, Kesari goes to meet Jagat and realizes that Jagat isn’t in his room. She goes looking for him all over and finds him on the terrace. What is playing on Jagat’s mind?


Tune in to Kesari Nandan from Monday to Friday at 8:30 pm.

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