Jagya and Ganga’s relationship is questioned! Balika Vadhu Weekly Recap 13th-18th May
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After Shiv’s kidnapping, Anandi tried to convince the girl’s family that he was Shiv and had not cheated their daughter, and finally after showing photos of their wedding, they agreed to let go of Shiv. (Watch as Anandi wins against the kidnappers)

In Jaitsar, the men of the family celebrated Mother’s Day by showering the ladies with flowers and giving them gifts, which left Dadisa, Sumitra, Gehna and Ganga overwhelmed. 

Ratan Singh came to badi haveli and apologized to Ganga, but when they were alone, he accused her of having an affair with Jagya in his house, and warned her to come back to him. This lead to a scuffle between Jagya and Ratan, after which Jagya drove him out of the house. (Watch the confrontation here)

Ratan’s allegations left Ganga shaken, but Jagya consoled her by recalling her bravery in front of her in laws. But when Ganga asked him why he continued to help her, he replied that he was just trying to live up to Anandi’s words. (Watch as Jagya boosts Ganga’s spirits)

The Shekhars were delighted when Shiv and Anandi returned from their honeymoon, and the couple regaled everyone with their Kashmir stories and gifts. Saanchi told them about Dadaji’s illness and praised Jagya’s treatment in front of Anandi. 

Dadisa finally found a girl that she liked for Jagya and showed the family her photograph, and decided to meet her to take matters further. When the matchmaker went to the girl’s place, the girl’s mother enquired about the family, and remembered that her daughter was about to be married to the collector of Jaitsar. 

Anandi decided to go to Jaitsar, and when she was packing her bags, Sanchi came in the two had a discussion about Jagya. While Anandi wanted him to choose a sensible life partner, Sanchi insisted that a girl who knows how to live life would make a better wife for him. (Watch Sanchi and Anandi’s conversation here)

Jagya, on the other hand, was having second thoughts about remarriage and told Dadisa that he no longer wished to remarry. But Dadisa insisted that he would get a great life partner, if only he started accepting his fate. 

Saanchi decided to tag along with Anandi when she went to Jaitsar, and the Singhs were very happy to see Anandi again.While Anandi met Dadisa, Sumitra and Gehna; Saanchi rushed straight to Jagya and surprised him. But she was angry when Ganga disturbed their moment, and left the room. (Watch as Saanchi surprises Jagya)

Madhavi’s mother arrived at badi haveli, and Saanchi was shocked to know that Jagya was about to get married. When Madhavi’s mother saw Anandi, she said that she was the same girl who she had warned to break off her engagement with Shiv, which left Anandi confused.

With Dadisa insisting on Jagya’s marriage, will he finally find the right girl? And how will his choice impact Anandi, Saanchi and Ganga?


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