Jagya and his family in danger? #Balika Vadhu 15th July to 20th July
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Anandi expresses her concern over Sanchi and Jagya’s marriage to Shiv and his family. She tells them that this shouldn’t be taken forward. Meenu and Ira get angry at Anandi saying now it’s too late and she should have raised her concerns before. Shiv takes Anandi’s side and tells everyone that she had told him earlier. Sanchi comes in when all the commotion is happening and decides she should impress Anandi and take her on her side.

Anandi gets an invitation from badi haveli for Gehna’s godh bharai. Anandi is very happy and confirms her and her family’s presence.

Ratan Singh tries to kidnap Mannu but is not successful. Ganga is scared and tells this to everyone at badi haveli. Sumitra says that they should send Ganga to ladies hostel and that she shouldn’t stay in the haveli anymore as it would be dangerous for Jagya. Bhairon gets angry at Sumitra and refuses to accept her suggestion.

It’s Gehna’s godh bharai. Everyone is ready for the ceremony. Sanchi and Anandi are also at badi haveli with the family to attend the ceremony. Sanchi behaves as the host and starts interacting with the guests serving them juice and sweets. Sumitra is impressed by Sanchi’s antics and expresses to Dadisa that Sanchi will keep Jagya happy and make for a responsible bahu for the haveli.. Sanchi meets Ganga and tells her that she should leave the haveli and leave Jagya’s life as well. Ganga is hurt and Sanchi keeps taunting her.

At Kesar Bagh all the men of the family miss the ladies as they are away for the godh bharai ceremony. Daddu expresses his concern over Sanchi and Jagya’s relationship, Shiv tells him that Sanchi will learn slowly and will be able to take care of the responsibilities

Sanchi here shocks everyone at the godh bharai by telling everyone that she is the new ‘bahu’ of the house as she going to get married to Jagya. All the ladies present at the ceremony are surprised and they ask Dadisa about it. Dadisa clarifies that they have just spoken about it and no date has been finalized.

Meanwhile at Badi haveli, Ratan Singh’s men enter the haveli in disguise. They take over the haveli and start executing their plan.

Godh Bharai ceremony is over and everyone is ready to leave. Sanchi refuses to leave without meeting Jagya. Dadisa suggests her to go the hospital and meet him. Sanchi goes to the hospital to meet Jagya in ‘ghoonghat’ just for fun but Jagya recognizes her.

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