Jay Bhanushali, the prankster!
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Jay Bhanushali is known for his cute looks and straightforward roles. But he is displaying a completely different side on the sets of his new show, Kairee: Rishta Khatta Meetha. He plays the character of Anuj, Imarti Devi’s youngest son, and true to his on-screen name, he behaves completely like the youngest kid in the Kairi family.


His favourite pastime on the sets of the show is playing pranks on his co-stars. And the surprising thing is, they fall prey to his mischief every time! His favourite victim is Sangeeta Panhwar, who plays the character of Vimla, his chachi on screen. Says Jay, ‘I once scared Sangeeta ji by spreading a rumour that she was going to be replaced by Usha Nadkarni, who is the narrator of the show. We kept up this rumour for two days and she was actually ready to quit the show if this happened.’ In spite of being at the receiving end of this prank, she fell for another one of his pranks too.


The next time, his partner in crime was his make up man. The make up man had created a burn mark for one of the scenes. Jay went up to Sangeeta and told her that his assistant on the Kairi: Rishta Khatta Meetha sets had contracted an STD and he should not be touched. ‘When the assistant came to her and asked to shake her hand, the look on her face was unbelievable and we all had a good laugh over it’, says Jay.


So looks like Jay has found a way to pass his time well on the sets of Kairee: Rishta Khatta Meetha. He feels that even though the show has a director, he is the true director off screen. Let’s hope his co-stars in Kairee: Rishta Khatta Meetha share this positive feeling about his pranks

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