Jay Bhanushali’s Love Paathshaala!
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If you have been following Kairee, you will be well aware of the relationship between Anuj (Jay Bhanushali) and Ambi (Preeti Chaudhary) Things are not all hunky dory between them but Ambi is trying her best to woo her husband into domestic bliss. But in this case reel life is not imitating real life as in reality, Jay is the one who tries to woo his wife Mahii Vij at home. And that too, in a unique way.

If you think that means Jay is a complete romantic, you'll have to think twice. He confesses to being completely ignorant when it comes to matters of romance. he loves his wife a lot but admittedly, has trouble expressing it. “Mahii was my first girlfriend and that relationship culminated into marriage. My wife Mahii is very happy and proud of that fact,” grins Jay. 

But this happy ending notwithstanding, Jay has no idea how to pamper his wife. And Mahii has found an interesting way to let Jay know what she would like from him. Jay reveals,”Believe it or not, Mahii has stuck a board in our bedroom and every morning when I wake up, there are instructions about how I should make her happy. Some days it is flowers and on other days, it is diamonds.” Mahii, you have our vote for the most imaginative wife ever. 

But inspite of this early morning romance tutorial, Jay is not always successful in keeping his wife happy. He does fail the class and forget to do what Mahii tells him. And what's the next logical step? Of course, making things up to her. “Making up to her means taking her out to dinner or getting gifts for her. Thankfully, these are better options as diamonds do burn a huge hole in my pocket,” grins the chocolate boy. We hope for your sake that Mahii isn't reading this. 
But with all these hits and misses, Jay and Mahii seem to have gotten their 'happy marriage' formula right. We just pray that someday, Jay will not need the board or his wife's instructions to make romantic gestures and take the lead himself!

Watch Jay Bhanushali talk about his marriage and show right here! 


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