Jay Soni missed his homeland a la Jai Kishan!
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Jai Kishan, the blue-eyed boy of the Vaishnav family, has landed in the US to fulfil his family's dream of rebuilding their textile mill. And if you've been watching Sanskaar closely, you'll know that his US trip hasn't been a walk in the park exactly. He has lost the bag containing his documents, and is a whisker away from losing his job before even starting it. It seems like Jai Kishan is destined to struggle in the US of A before he can do something for his loved ones back home.

But what is interesting is that Jay Soni, who plays Jai in Sanskaar, too had a difficult time shooting in the US! Jay Soni and Shamim Mannan (Bhoomi of Sanskaar) shot for nearly 3 weeks in the US in iconic locations like Times Square. But it wasn't all fun and games for the shooting crew. “When we were shooting there, the temperature was -2 degrees Celsius. That made it very difficult for us to shoot in normal clothes, but we managed somehow and I think the scenes have come out well.”

We have heard of Indian film actresses shivering in the cold wearing not-so-warm clothes, but we guess this is the first time that a television actor had to go through this experience!

And for Jay, the cold temperatures weren't the only thing troubling him in the foreign land. What he was missing is the warmth of family. Just like Jai Kishan, Jay too, missed his home and family during the time that he was in the US. Jay remembers,”I missed everything about my home. I'm very attached to my family so I missed them and I also missed home-cooked food that I enjoy when I'm home.” We find that sweet, what do you think?

While other actors enjoy the experience of travelling abroad for work or pleasure, looks like Jay is an exception with his reluctance to leave his homeland. But Jay managed to not only survive his US trip but also come back with some exceptional scenes for his show.

What do you miss most when travelling abroad? Share your interesting travel experiences in the comments section below!

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