Jhansi and Tatya save the day?
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  • June 11, 2019
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Tonight, on Jhansi Ki Rani, Ross walks in and tries to humiliate Manu when she asks him to release animals, especially Kashi’s memna to which he openly challenges her and tells her that he will prepare a feast of the same memna and will call the king for a grand feast. Ross is pretty brutal and tells her that she can do all that it takes to save her. Not tolerating any of this, Manu discusses her concerns of saving animals with Tatya, who appreciates her thoughts and decides to be a part of her plan in saving these innocent animals. What’s Manu’s plan and what will she do next?






In the meantime, Janki is suspicious and is constantly looking for Manu everywhere. Going forward, Ross informs everyone that Governor-General has approved the Railway plan and Jhansi has been selected for the same. She opposes to this plan and even conveys to everyone that there must be a selfish reason behind this. On the contrary, Gangadhar likes the plan and gives the permission to execute it. How will Manu react to this?


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