Jhansi is set on a mission!
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  • June 10, 2019
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Tonight, on Jhansi, after the yagya ends, Ross is seen introducing his bother Robb, who is known to be a lecherous man. Laccho, on the other hand, realizes that Saku has something going on in her head. Manu comes up with an idea to destroy the railway by creating a tunnel under it and even explains this to the widows after they’ve joined her army. Later, we see Saku sneaking out to help the Bundelhi warriors. Going forward, Laccho finds a Bundeli bracelet in one of the kanastars. In the meantime, Manu explains to the widows about the gravity of their task of building the tunnel, that too before the wedding. Will they be successful?



In a sequence going forward, Kashi signals to Manu that she needs to attend a wedding ritual. Janki, who has her own plan lets Ross know that she has devised a plan to foil the wedding once and for all. On seeing Manu as a bride, Moropant is extremely emotional. What’s next? Will Janki succeed in her plan?

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