Journey Of Vikram Jeet Singh
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  • April 20, 2017
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Vikram Jeet Singh has left a lasting impression on us since the day he first appeared on the show, when he sang ‘Dil Haara’ and received 96% of votes, becoming the top scorer that night. Our experts were stunned as they witnessed the man in uniform take the stage by storm with his phenomenal performance. That was just the beginning as he managed to score 90% or above for the better part of the competition, which further stands as a testament to his incredible talent as a singer. He is not only a brave soul who fights to protect our country selflessly, but also an extremely talented singer as evident from him being one of the top scorers throughout.


Besides being a brave soldier (who is part of the Indo Tibetan Border Police), he has always had a burning passion for music. He revealed that when he was not on duty, he would dedicate all his time to practice singing and further enhance his skills. Time and again, he has continued to deliver great performances which earned him praises and applauses all around. Another couple of highlights of his singing capability came when he beautifully sang ‘Naina Thag Lenge’ and when he lifted everyone’s spirit by singing ‘Chak De India’, which had everyone up on their feet cheering for him.




If that weren’t enough, Vikram Jeet is extremely down to Earth, selfless and humble as a person which shows his true strength as a character. One such moment that stood out was when he insisted to sit on the red sofa with another contestant who he thought sang better than him. Another moment came when he actually admitted to making a mistake when singing and accepted the fact that he might get eliminated without feeling slighted.


His journey on the show so far has been amazing and now that he is one of the finalists, Vikram Jeet is that much closer to achieving his dream of becoming the first ‘Rising Star’. Despite certain shortcomings during a couple of performances, he has managed to come back in top form and sing his heart out to prove that he deserves a place among the finalists. Even Maithili Thakur who has been consistently great, admitted that she always thinks of Vikram Jeet when someone asks her who she thinks is her strongest competition in the show.


Congratulations Vikram Jeet Singh on making it to the finals and we wish you the best of luck! 

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