Kadambari Kadam takes over as the new Bhoomi
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Kadambari Kadam has taken over the role of Bhoomi in Sanskaar from Shamin Manan. On the eve of her entry on the show, we spoke to the chirpy actress about being a part of Sanskaar. 


Q: How did you get the role of Bhoomi in Sanskaar?

A: Almost overnight! I was called for a meeting by the producers and by the end of the meeting I had signed the show! I did a few look tests, and almost immediately, I was the new Bhoomi.

Q: What prompted you to take up the role?

A: I had worked with Swapna Ma’am (Swapna Waghmare- Joshi) before in Teen Bahuraniyan. Apart from that, I was keen to come back to Hindi television. I had been active as an actor in Marathi films, shows and theatre, but I was itching to come back to Hindi TV. And when this role came to me, I thought- ‘what could be a better chance than working as the lead in an already established show’? Also, I always wanted to work with Shalini Thackeray (the producer) and the warm welcome that she gave me when I came on board told me that I had made the right decision!

Q: As you said, Sanskaar is an established show. Isn’t it a challenge to replace a character in a popular show?

A: Of course it’s a challenge! After all, you are replacing the face of the show, so the new person has to put in double the efforts to get the same level of acceptance and love from the audience. Also, the cast and crew have also gelled together and being a newcomer is always challenging. I hope the cast and crew co-operates with me. Anyway, it is not like replacements haven’t happened in shows before, so I’m going into this with a very positive mindset.

Q: Have you watched the show before, especially Bhoomi’s character, which you will be playing?

A: I have watched the show, but I’m not looking to copy Shamin while playing Bhoomi. Of course, I have been given a brief by the creative team in terms of how the character is supposed to shape up, and I will follow that brief while playing Bhoomi. But otherwise, I’m going to do things my way. 

Q: By signing the show overnight, you haven’t gotten much time to prepare for the role. How will you manage with that?

A: The feeling of playing Bhoomi is still sinking in. Things moved so fast that I have had no time to actually deal with this new development. Even when I was driving over to the set, I can’t digest the fact that I’m actually going to reach the sets and shoot for the show! But I’m sure that when the telecast of the first episode with me happens, it’ll sink in. But since I’m looking forward to working on the show, I think I’ll manage.

Q: What would you like to tell the audience before starting your stint as Bhoomi?

A: I want them to accept and love me as they have accepted the character of Bhoomi before. I am beginning this new stint on an extremely positive note, and I join the show with the hope that I get positive reviews and acceptance from the audience.


Well, we wish Kadambari Kadam the best of luck in this new role, and wish her a successful journey as Bhoomi! 

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