Kanha lights Ichcha’s pyre #Uttaran Weekly Update – 4th Apr to 10th Apr
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In the beginning of the week we saw how Jogi and Damini thank the dead body of Tapasya’s donor. After leaving from the morgue, Damini comes across the lady who brought Ichcha in and she shows her the donor’s belongings. Damini soon realizes that the things belong to Ichcha and breaks down completely. Watch as Damini finds out about Ichcha’s death.

In the haveli, Meethi expresses her wish to talk to Ichcha and states she’s feeling restless like something is wrong. Maiyya asks Akash to take Meethi to the nearby phone booth so that she can talk to Ichcha. Watch as other family members wonder what Maiyya is up to.

The lady rushes to inform Jogi Thakur about Damini and asks them to come and help. She explains how Damini cried a name ‘Ichki’ and fell unconscious. Every one realizes that it was Ichcha only who was the donor and has now left everyone. Watch as Ichcha’s family hears the news of Ichcha’s death.

In the morgue, Divya and Mukta cry inconsolably on looking at Ichcha’s dead body. In a state of hysteria, Nani requests Ichcha to wake up and asks her to forgive for all the time she tortured her. Watch Nani’s heartfelt apology in this video.

Meethi and Akash reach the phone booth and he places a call to someone and hands it to Meethi. Thinking it’s her mother on phone, Meethi excitedly talks about Aatishgarh and Akash’s family. She also apologizes for being rude to her in the past and this time the person on the other end mentions about meeting in temple. Watch as it’s shown that it was Pavitra who actually spoke to Meethi as Ichcha.

Thakur family proceeds to take care of Damini as she is still in a state of shock and believes that Ichcha will return from temple. At that moment, doctor informs them that Tapasya is stable but wonders why everyone is crying at this. Watch as Jogi Thakur breaks down while telling the doctor about Ichcha’s sacrifice for Tapasya.

Meethi replays the conversation she had with Ichcha over phone and wonders why she said they met in temple when they had actually met in Satara jail for the first time. When she tells Akash about it he feels alarmed and figures that Pavitra goofed up while pretending to be Ichcha. Watch as Meethi gets the feeling that something is wrong.

Rathore and Jogi try to reach Meethi and Akash but find out that they never checked in the hotel. They once again confirm with the booking agent but are told that they did not board the flight. Watch as all try to figure Meethi’s whereabouts.

In Ichcha’s chautha everyone remembers the happy moments spent with her. Veer remembers when he spoke last to his wife and blames himself for Ichcha’s death. Damini sits still and remembers her little Ichki and how she tattooed the word Kismet on her hand in childhood. Anjum Nani too comes to pay her respects and tries to take care of Damini. Watch as the family mourns on Ichcha’s death.

Mai too feels guilty of not accepting Ichcha and curses herself to have been so selfish. When the time comes to away the body, realization dawns on Damini and she cries her heart out. Watch as Damini loses control and grieves over her daughter’s death.

When the panditji asks for Ichcha’s son to step up to conduct the final rites, Veer remembers Yuvi’s words for his mother and feels sad for things to have ended this way between mother and son. Rathore too confirms that Meethi and Akash are still untraceable and hence Veer requests Kanha to light Ichcha’s pyre. Watch this sequence right here.

Unable to reach her family on call, Surabhi sends a telegram to Maiyya informing them about Ichcha’s death. Rathore gets a call from the hospital and comes to know that Tapasya has regained consciousness. He informs the others about it and leaves for the hospital. Watch as when Ichcha leaves this world, at the same time Tapasya comes out of coma.

What will happen when Maiyya will come to know of Ichcha’s death and will she inform Meethi about it? Keep watching this space for more updates!

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