Karan ne pyaar kiya to darna kya!
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  • June 12, 2012
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In the times when it is an unwritten rule that two actors claim to be 'good friends' however cosy they act, Karan Goddwani has broken the mould. He has gone ahead and announced to the world that he is in love.
Karan Goddwani, who plays Ranveer Jaiswal in Chhal-Sheh aur Maat, declared that he is taken on a social networking site. First, he just gave a teaser by announcing that he was in a relationship. But then he went a step ahead and mentioned that he was in a relationship with a lady named Suchita Dakhane.

Karan definitely created a furore by springing this news on his fans and received tons of congratulatory messages too. Now the next logical question is who's the mystery girl?
The lady in question is Suchita Dakhane. And we can't tell you her profession as we are confused ourselves. Her bio on twitter reveals that she is an assistant director, a model, a classical dancer and a musician. Phew! Karan has definitely found himself a multi-tasker. It's an interesting co-incidence that Karan is also an accomplished dancer who trained with Shiamak Davar and same is true for Suchita. We wonder if that is where love blossomed between the two. 
Not only is Karan open about the fact that he is no longer single and available, he also confesses his love openly to her on twitter. He tweets to her, and we quote, “I'm lucky to have you.” Can we hear you going 'Awww!'

We like the fact that Karan is so upfront about his relationship when all the other actors are busy hiding their relationships to keep their popularity intact. 
We tried to contact Karan to get his take on this, but he kept his lines of communication closed. Having second thoughts, Karan?


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