Kareena loves Bharti’s ‘Halkat Jawani’
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  • September 14, 2012
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Bharti has suddenly started feeling young again! After wooing international dancer Sasha with her salsa moves on 'Second hand jawani,' Bharti flaunted her 'Halkat Jawani' that too in front of the Heroine herself!

The original heroine of the song Halkat Jawani, Kareena Kapoor was here on Jhalak to meet the top five dancing stars of the show. While dancing with the hot actress, Bharti as usual grabbed a chance to flirt with Remo by asking him who performed better and who's jawani is more halkat? As a reply, Remo stood up and said, “this is it,” but for Kareena. Just like you, even Bharti was completely heartbroken and breaks her bangles saying *“Ghar ki murgi daal barabar.”

But the incorrigible lover that she is, Bharti got a duplicate magazine printed with her face morphed on Kareena’s body saying this was the original cover and Kareena has put herself on it now. But the judges and the audience couldn't stop laughing when manish said, “This picture can be best described as a boiled potato put on top of a toothpick.” 

Finally Bharti got a real good compliment that too from Kareena as she said, “I completely love you Bharti ji, I think you are the best.” 

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