Kasam: Rishi stakes his life!
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  • April 4, 2018
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This week on Kasam, fire breaks out in the Bedi House due to short circuit. Unfortunately Tanuja gets trapped in one of the rooms. Abhishek and Rishi both run to save Tanuja, but once Abhishek comes to know that Rishi is also inside he locks his room from outside thinking he should die.






Due to his presence of mind, Rishi comes out of the room through a window. He sees Abhishek and understands that he did this purposely, and the duo gets into a scuffle. Just then, one of the doors fall on Abhishek but Rishi saves him at the right time. Rishi brings him out safe and then rushes towards Tanuja  and others who are still trapped inside.





Rishi feels dizzy due to excess smoke but manages to get Tanuja out. By the time the rescue team arrives both Rishi and Tanuja are unconscious and are immediately taken for the treatment.



What will happen after this? Will Abhishek feel guilty for his act?



To know, tune into ‘Kasam’ Mon-Fri at  6 PM.

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