Kasam: Tanuja & Abhishek’s wedding to get called off this week?
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On ‘Kasam’ till date we have clearly seen how Rishi has left no stone unturned in order to have Tanuja back in his life. Especially now at the crucial moment when Tanuja is about to get married to Abhishek, Rishi intensifies his efforts in doing so.





This week Kasam’s story will take an interesting turn, as Tanuja gets shocked to see Rishi at the wedding venue. Sensing the trouble that might crop up, Tanuja wants to get married to Abhishek as early as possible.





Just after Tanuja and Abhishek sit on the mandap, Rishi barges in and asks Tanuja not to marry Abhishek. This stuns everyone and obviously makes Abhishek lose his cool completely! Rishi and Abhishek get into a serious fight. This upsets Tanuja and she asks Rishi to leave the place immediately. Rishi feels shattered and leaves.


But this doesn’t end there, few moments later, just when Abhishek is about to put sindoor on Tanuja’s forehead Rishi returns and makes the biggest revelation!  Tanuja however denies to whatever Rishi says.



Rishi then asks inspector to arrest Tanuja. Everyone gets shocked at this! Tanuja gets arrested. Abhishek gets totally broken due to this.






Does this mean Tanuja and Abhishek’s wedding will be called off? Or there is yet another twist in the tale? What exactly does Rishi say in front of everyone?



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