Kasam: Will Tanuja reveal the truth?
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  • February 27, 2018
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This week on Kasam watch Rishi and Tanuja express their love for each other in sweet little ways.





In the meanwhile, Rano, who has always been against their love, asks Kanchan to keep an eye on them. She warns her that Rishi and Tanuja shouldn’t get back together. 





On the other hand, Ahaana shares with Biji that there has to be a strong reason why Tanuja doesn’t want to reconcile with Rishi. Biji decides to take Raaj’s help as she knows that he is like a father to Tanuja and will confide in him with the truth. 





Raaj goes to meet Tanuja and questions her about leaving the Bedi house seven years ago. 

Will Tanuja reveal the truth about her shocking past? 

Watch Kasam Mon-Fri at 6 PM to find out. 

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